The Walking Dead Returns…

Omg I am so happy the wait is over, the second half of season 7 is back and with a bang… 

(please don’t read on if you haven’t seen the episode that aired Monday 13th Feb Uk as there are spoilers below) …

So it starts with father Gabriel acting strange and taking all the food and supplies and driving off with an unknown person sitting next to him. Maggie and the group try to persude the idiot who rules Hilltop to fight (such an annoying idiot I cannot remember his name) but he denies them a partnership against Negan and the Saviours but it seems the people of Hilltop are ready on their own accord. Jesus takes the group to see the King, they also try to persude him but he also denies but I don’t think it will last long, I think the King will fight and that maybe Carol will be the one to persuade him (my theory not fact)…Daryl stays at the Kingdom which is a good thing as Negans men turn up looking for him but not before Rick and the gang stumble across the Saviors explosives tied to a cable and cars along the highway. They steal them and then in the best scene yet, Rick and Michonne take out pretty much a football field full of walkers with two cars and the explosive cable…(wow what a scene that was!!!!) When Rick and the gang return to Alexandria they find the saviours knocking on thier gates looking for Daryl who isn’t there but at the same time Rick finds all their supplies gone. At first it seems Gabriel has done a runner with them until Rick finds a clue, the word ‘Boat’ written in the log book for the food. Which if you all remember from the last half of the season Rick and co steal from a boat that has warnings not to take it and then someone is watching them…And also the scruffy boots watching Alexandria. Obviously who ever they stole from wants it back. 

Now as a comic book reader too I know about the ‘Whisperers’. Now in the show could they too become allies against Negan and his men, eventually? Judging by Ricks rather handsome smile I think so… (Again my theory not a fact).

A few other scenes happen with Carol and Morgan but the most exciting ones I liked I have written down. I’m so glad to see the Ricktatorship is returning, Rick is rising up again and becoming the bad ass zombie hunter we know and love. 🙂 I cannot wait for next weeks episode as I LOVE The Walking Dead and cannot wait to see what comes of Ricks gang and the world around them.x.

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