Gluten and lactofree pizza…The Walking Mummy stylie…

So getting to grips with this whole lactose free diet and mostly gluten free for my eldest has been trying for the most part but lately we seem to be having a few hits with the foods we have been trying. Take for example the gorgeous yummy cakes we made…They were a big hit…but this time its Pizza!!! 

So we had tried the ones in the frozen aisle which weren’t bad but they were just gluten and wheat free and she mostly needs to be free of dairy and the lactose so I tried a new idea…I would make one…guys and dolls, please hide your ovens, this is not a drill!!! Yes I said it ‘I would make one’. Now the ingredients were fairly easy to buy since I was cheating a little with a packet mix pizza dough which was all Free From, no milk, no wheat and no gluten…so far so good. Then I chose her lactose free cheese, some ham just to make it less boring, olive oil and some pineapple chunks…those were mostly for daddy though and tomato puree. Then came the hard part…

So I get home and set to work, I have a bowl, the packet mix, 100ml of warm water and a tbsp of olive oil and mix it all together…wow does that stuff get sticky!!! I then grab the flour and sprinkle on the sides and the rolling pin and spread it out to try to make an even and round base. (Don’t laugh, mine are not exactly round). 

Then I had to move the bases which was a little… brutal…I broke them a few times before mastering it, not before smashing the rolling pin on the work surface and threatening to cheat with some spare pizzas I hid in the freezer.

So once on a plate I then topped with tomato puree, grated cheese, ham and pineapple then I cooked them for fifteen minutes until not quite cremated…(my usual cooking method). 

I also made some dough balls out of the mix too which… er…were disgusting lol but I will be honest and say the pizzas went down a treat, which is a blessing with my girls and they are soooo fussy.

We are getting there though which is the main thing…I just need some more recipe ideas and to enhance my cooking skills some more…I might not get a ten for appearance but I think a good nine and a half for effort should be awarded…am I right!!!! 🙂


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