Why don’t you tweet more?

So the other day I received an email from a reader asking me why I don’t Tweet on Twitter more. Now I was a little taken aback mostly because I didn’t really think anyone took notice of me and the tweets I do send out into the world or that anyone actually would want my advice on the whole social media thing.

Their message read, “Hi my name is Jennifer (Changed name so they don’t get embarrassed or anything 😉 ) I follow you and your books on all the author channels, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter etc but I noticed you don’t really tweet very much and I just wondered why? I always thought Twitter was a brilliant platform to reach your readers and was told by a friend that if I want my own book to make it I should tweet more. Do you think it’s worth doing or should I stick to Facebook like you?”


Now I found this odd because yes I do mainly use Facebook and normally the only time I actually tweet is when my blog automatically tweets for me…I’m lazy like that you see… but why ask me? I mean I’ve not made it or anything, I’m just a normal mummy trying to crack the writing world but it turns out after a few emails and chatting that she is also a mummy like me wanting to crack the writing world. So I sat on the question for a while as I didn’t really know what to put…I mean why don’t I tweet more?

Then it hit me…I’m a Facebook girl. Now I wasn’t always, in fact I only joined Facebook a few years ago and that was only because I was slowly getting out of touch with the world. I would have friends arrange parties and then text me asking if I was coming a day or so before and I was like ‘What party?’ and it was because things were all being arranged on social media where I couldn’t see them. It was also because as I neared releasing my first book a friend said to me that the only way to really branch out to readers was via social media and Facebook was the one I chose. Now don’t get me wrong I have tried Twitter and I do think it is a good platform for many but for me I just don’t get on with. The whole tweet and retweet just doesn’t get me like how Facebook does with the magic post and share buttons. I like the way Facebook is set out, I find it easy to use as I can find what I need in a instant, where as with Twitter if I’m looking for something I can never find it, most probably because the tweet vanished in mere seconds in the wilderness of tweets. Now for many social media savvy people they will scream from the rooftops that twitter is the one you need to crack, Twitter is the one which people go to now. I know this because at a writers group I attended a social media savvy woman and author came to tell us all this but she did also state that it wasn’t for everyone and that it was best to crack the platform you feel most comfortable with. She told me all the hints and tips, which Hashtags to use (I still cannot get my head around those little # thingys) although I do try to use them sometimes, on Facebook 😉 Probably not the most effective use for them lol. But for me that was why, not because I don’t want to Tweet but because I just don’t get on with it.


So that’s what I told her, that for me Twitter just didn’t click, I keep it open because I can snap my blog to it and any special offers when I do one and try to work out checking out the people I am a fan of but mostly I use Facebook for the ease of things for me. I told her to go with whichever ones she felt comfortable with, if she liked Twitter then she should go for it but if she could handle both or all the social media applications out there then she should. I also asked her to email me soon on how she was getting on and whether she actually had any tips for me…See us mothers and authors can help one another, we’re not all monsters that hideaway and only try and sell our books and feed sweets to our children. (Only when we need them to be quiet when we need time to write) 😉

What social media platform do you guys like and why? Should I try harder to crack the Twitter Matrix….


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