Pancakes for lunch…

So there’s this little place in town that me and my mum always love to go to when we meet up. I like it because its not in the main stream heart of the town centre, its in a road just round the corner from the Arndale centre and is normally quiet enough for us to grab a seat (unless its the middle of summer and our secret little cafe is heaving). My mum introduced me to the little cafe after finding it herself, she works and lives in the town centre and knows all the best little secret places to go. The little cafe is called ‘Maxfields’ and has a boutique but slightly rustic style to it with chunky chest like tables, soft lounge like chairs and cool city like wall paper not to mention the great coffee and delicious food. 

Now I have been many times and have tried a few things but my favourite thing has to be their buttermilk pancakes with bacon and maple syrup along with a nice cup of caramel latte. My mums favourite seems to be the chillie wrap which comes with a side salad…although I have found out she’s not a fan of lettuce. The staff are all friendly too and welcome children although the cafe itself isn’t huge but they do normally offer felt tips and some paper for the kids to scribble on. The price isn’t bad either as for mine it cost just under ten pounds which is a steal on some mainstream named places you can go to, plus I like to go to the small businesses that are just as good or sometimes better than the big named places. Plus my lovely mummy has treated me on quite a few occasions…thanks mum. 🙂

So if your ever around that way why not give it a try. It’s just opposite the old Eastbourne cinema in the town…remember the name Maxfields!!!

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