My top ten fave facebook pages and groups…

Facebook…A world of people and businesses…A great way of connecting. As I have my own author page on there and have for around two years now I have gained some great followers but I have also followed some great pages and businesses a like. So here are my top ten that I love!!!

(In no specific order) 🙂 

Cory’s Fashion Boutique

Which is where I won my beautiful necklace but they do some lovely clothing too and not just for adults but also kids.

Next is Younique by Lauren B…Could be slightly biased as she is a friend but the make up is fab too. 🙂

Me wearing the fab concealer. (Yes in my Frozen Olaf hoodie).

The concealer is great for my pale skin tone and for me hides horrible blemishes well.

My next favourite is Hampers Boutique. They make lovely plaques, baby hampers, bracelets, mugs and much more and hold some great competitions.

Just entered a competition with them using this # hashtag. Fingers crossed. Although I did order this plaque with them two years ago and its still great!!

Next up is Online tips for network marketers with Tilly J.

I love this group because not only is Tilly a lovely woman but she also gives out tips for free on how to make your Facebook group work better which although I am not a network marketer it has helped with some inspiration for my own author page. She also does courses for small fees with more info but I am as of yet to do one. 🙂
Next is… Martin Link…A fab author and fab friend. Wrote the novel Misdirection and is releasing his next one pretty soon so watch this space. 🙂

Next up… Bookish Indie Ezine… Which is a new electronic magazine for indie authors and who ever wishes to find new reads from great indie authors. Now I have become a bit of a stalker for Bookish at the moment 🙂 hopefully when my new book is near completion I might get it in there??? I will try 🙂

Now for… Ask the Author… A Facebook group dedicated to events where people can ask their favourite indie authors questions about them and their books. I myself have done one and it was a great experience. Hosted by the lovely H.C. Bentley who is an indie author herself and who also runs Bookish ezine 🙂

Up next is of course the brilliant Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle of Glitter. I love her blogs, books, dvds and following her on facebook. She is as I have mentioned before one of my idols, she is a mummy, author, blogger and fashionista.

One page I can’t leave out is my own of course. My Author page…Mercedes Prunty Author. On it I post about things that happen to me as a mummy, about my current and new up coming books and my bitmoji…I’m a bit addicted to that lol.

And lastly … The Glitter Furniture Company. I actually have as of yet to purchase something from them because…well…I am poor and their prices make my purse cry but its all glitter and what’s there not to love about glitter. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed and found some new groups, pages, businesses and authors to like.:-) xxxx

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