Book Review… Jetsun Punk’s unforeseen journey to Shambala…

Now I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely lady author of this book R.A Edwards at the Eastbourne book festival last year. The cover was what atttacted me, its not the usual cover I would go for but it was pretty and drew me in.

The story is based on a young boy Jetsun who is rather naughty, horrible and arrogant, his family have had enough and send him to a monk’s monestry to have some time out and to see if he can learn anything from them about being good. He decides to run away from the monastery and ends up with a girl called Ming entering Shambala by accident and meeting some interesting creatures for example a yeti called Naki, Bengi a strange little angry beast, special dolphins and many more. The group end up on a journey of self discovery as they try to find a way back to the human world and out of Shambala and end up with great friendships that are made to last along with the great adventure and judging by the end there might be scope for more.

What I loved about this book was the adventure, the story, the magic and the beautiful meanings inside it. I would highly recommend this for kids around ten / eleven…maybe a tad younger if they are good readers as I think the story will catch them. I also enjoyed the little pictures at the start of some of the chapters, they were very pretty.

What I disliked was how sometimes the author didn’t always put new dialogue on a new line for a different person and it was a little confusing at times who was talking. Also after every paragraph there is a large gap, a space between which I found a little awkward to get used to as it didn’t flow so easily but the story was great and the minor dislikes don’t make me dislike the book. I would very much recommend.


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