Book Review…Grand Designs…

I can be a right bargain hunter when I want to be, I’m not afraid of the charity shops or the pound stores that decorate our shopping centres and towns. A bargain to me is a good thing as pennies need to be pinched in this day and age and as I love reading and a penny pinched book is always a must have. The book I just read came from my local poundland for…you guessed it…a pound πŸ™‚ its from that Choc Lit genre and is a short romance story but not too heavy on the sex scenes. The book is called ‘Grand Designs’ and yes I may have picked it up for the name as I love the television show with Kevin McCloud. I have always loved looking at houses and that show is what dreams are made of lol but no the book wasn’t about the tv show but it did have a building in it.

Basically the main character Carrie Fraser is a painter and decorator come interior designer and she is trying to build up her business and she does that by landing a job at a great huge house oakenbury hall. The man who owns the house is Morgan Harrington and has just inherited it from his fathers passing away. His father wishes that the house be kept in the family and for his son to marry and have children but Morgan is a loaded business man with no intention of marriage and kids mainly due to his ex who left him for his brother, who both were killed in a car accident as his brother drunk drove. Carrie too has her own past problems as her ex left her at the alter and has no want to settle down either as she cares for her poorly mother and is a little afraid. But when Morgan takes a liking to Carrie and whisks her away to Cannes for a weekend away life takes over as Carrie soon realises she is pregnant with Morgan’s child but she doesn’t want him to think she is trying to trap him for his money so doesn’t tell him and backs off but Morgan’s house keeper who is watching the house while Carrie decorates and Morgan is away attending to business in Cannes tells him. So he comes back and plans a secret wedding to show her he loves her and wants the baby and doesn’t feel she has trapped him. The end happily ever after πŸ™‚

Although I don’t normally read these types of books I have to say I really enjoyed it. The author Linda Mitchelmore has managed to pump love, romance and a story into 119 pages. It’s fast paced but a brilliant quick read and has the happy ending people desire in life. I love the world she has created for her characters and I would love to see if this house really exists as I do love houses. All in all a good quick read, only took me about two hours to read through, good commuter book.


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