My books are FREE on Kindle for two days only….

Sorry not sorry about a bit of self promotion here, haven’t done a kindle free day for a while so I have decided to do two days and two books 🙂 Alone and Lone will be free to download today and tomorrow only then will go back up to their full price of £2.99. So why not grab your copy now 🙂 This is also to say thanks to everyone who supports me and reads my blog 🙂 and hopefully one day my books.

Alone for kindle download

Alone is the beggining of Stacies journey through a world of creatures. Once loving human beings turned into blood thirsty creatures by the acid rain that fell from the skies, a war on the world by countries fighting for fossil fuels and trying to out the competition by using bio chemical warfare. Her journey takes her through the South East of England on a hunt for her sister who was kidnapped, she will meet new friends and foes along the way but will it be better for her to be alone or trust the new friends she finds or will her life take a strange and unexpected turn???

Lone for kindle download

Lone is the second in the Alone series and sees Stacie five years after the ending of Alone. Things have changed for her, the creature inside wants to take over and she is constantly fighting to keep herself as Stacie and not a flesh eating monster. Then she meets Kaley a young girl with hope, a hope that things could eventually end…hope of a cure. But will Stacie want to leave her home where she can keep a watchful eye over her friends and family or help the young girl she has only just met??



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