Three famous people I would love to meet…

Famous people are so exciting aren’t they lol, they live the life many of us can only dream of but out of all them who would be your top three to meet and go out for dinner with and why???

Now I thought about this long and hard and have come up with my three…

1) Sia – The Australian singer Sia Furler who has to be my favourite singer of all time. Her songs are funky and sometimes hauntingly beautiful. I first found Sia like many when she released ‘Chandelier’ and it soon became my favourite song and also with ‘Elastic Heart’ which both became the songs that helped me write and envision my Zombie novel ‘ALONE’. Even her newest album ‘This is acting’ has helped me write my new fantasy book that I hope to release soon. Now I would love to meet her for dinner at McDonald’s, not the most sophisticated place but I would then love to go out on the town with her as I bet she would be the first person on the dance floor 🙂 and I would also love to give her one of my books lol just so she would know her music helps me write.

2) Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes – As a walking dead fan and lover of all things Rick it would be unthinkable to not meet the star of my favourite tv show. Especially with my love for all things zombie 🙂 I think a nice dinner at the set of Woodbury from the season of the governor as I believe the town is now pretty much dedicated to the walking dead and has its own cafe and museum full of walking dead memorabilia 🙂 .

3) Laurel K Hamilton – The author of the Anita Blake vampire hunter series. Now.I started reading the Anita Blake series in my teens, I fell in love with the covers little did I know they were full of horror, gore and sex but the storyline was great and interesting to read. And compared to Sookie Stackhouse, Anita Blake is the original legalised vampire lover / executioner. I would love to meet Laurel because she drove my love for writing especially in 1st person as all her Anita Blake books are in 1st person and I guess it made my mind find that more comfortable to read and write with. I think dinner at goth bar would be suitable for this meet up lol.

Who would you choose and whythe??? 


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