Pancake day 2017!!!

Happy Pancake Day guys, hope your having as much fun as me making them lol.

I have always loved pancake day but I never really understood why we had it, so I done a bit of research on it and now it all makes perfect sense. 🙂

Pancake day or Shrove Thuesday as its known by Christians is a perfect day for acting like daddy pig and throwing pancakes around the kitchen but hopefully not on the ceiling but what does it really mean? Shrove Tuesday always seems to fall 47 days before easter, it falls between 3rd Feb and 9th of March and comes before Ash Wednesday which is the first day of lent which is determined by the date of easter which seems to change annually. The actual term of Shrove comes from the word Shrive which means to absolute ones sins in confession. Christians will go to a confession where they talk to a priest about all their sins and ask for forgiveness and absolution. Apparently a bell called a ‘Pancake bell’ would be rung to call them in for their confession and is still meant to be used today. They use pancake day to use up all their fatty foods like eggs, milk and sugar before the 40 days of fasting (lent) so there will be no temptations in the cupboards and fridge. So harsh fasting, I’m like hungry all the time!!!

So how do you all like your pancakes, savoury or sweet? I have a terrible sweet tooth and love sugar and strawberries or mapel syrup on mine lol. 


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