30 days of gratitude… day 2… books … world book day :-)

Books…I am so grateful for books, they keep your mind occupied, keep your imagination going, help tell a story that needs to be told. I love books and today is world book day at my kids school which is funny because I remember doing world book day as a kid and it just so happens I have found out some old photos of me at one of my world book day mufti days.

Now I used to love Alice in Wonderland, she had blonde hair like me and went on a cool adventure down a rabbit hole and met a crazy array of characters. My nan who is a dab hand at sewing made me my cool Alice costume and I remember being so happy going to school dressed as her. Today things are different its not about making a costume but who can buy the best one so your kid doesn’t get picked on. Yes I decided to buy my kids their outfits, beautiful princess dresses I could never make but I didn’t want them to feel left out or bullied. Kind of detracts from what world book day is meant to be but it still celebrates the world of books so I can’t deny that. But I have to say whilst I still love Lewis Carolls Alice in Wonderland my tastes have changed but that is the beauty of books, there are always plenty of storys to fall into and love.

Who did you used to dress up as?? 


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