30 days of gratitude… day 3… My writing talent…

So here is day three of my 30 days of gratitude blogs and today I have chosen the talent I am most grateful for which of course has to be my writing and my imagination. 

I knew from a young age that I wanted to write, I would always doodle poems in my planner at school when I was bored in lessons. At home I would write ideas to stories and design hand drawn covers to them and now as I’ve got older I bit the bullet and actually put pen to paper and wrote those ideas down of mine and self published those on Amazon as paperbacks and kindle copies. It takes around a year or so for me to write and edit one but I do have the tendency to go off on tangents and write other ideas at the same time, my mind never seems to sleep and is always on the go.

My books so far are;



And The keeper of the key (which I plan to re edit as it was my first book released and is no where near the standard I write in now. Plus the formatting needs re-jigging).

But later on this year I should be adding another two books to my belt. My fantasy story and the final instalment to the Alone series.

What talent are you thankful for??


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