30 days of gratitude… day 4… My children…

Day four of my 30 days of gratitude has arrived and well this one is obviously the big one, the one thing that I am truly grateful for and that is my children (and of course my hubby too). 

My children mean the world to me, I just couldn’t imagine my life without them, it just wouldn’t be possible. Yes like all kids they drive me crazy and up the wall sometimes, they make me worry about them like mad with my eldest having a dogey tummy and problems with food, to my youngest with her pigeon feet lol which makes hers clumsy but I wouldn’t have them any other way. Just before xmas last year it became clear to me and hubby that I can’t really have anymore children, I have miscarried before like so many women do and its heartbreaking but also I bleed too much and my life would be in danger to have another one but knowing this makes me even more grateful for the two I have as I know some women out there can’t have any and that must be soul destroying. So yes I am eternally grateful for my babies they are mine and mine forever…although they are daddies girls a lot of the time ganging up on mummy or play fighting, so yes joint ownership with him is necessary and perfect as it makes us our own perfect little family. 🙂

What are you grateful for todaythe??


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