30 days of gratitude… day 5… The Walking Dead…

30 days of gratitude blog day five and it’s no surprise really that I should be grateful for The walking dead and the newest addition to my walking dead family, The Walking Dead No Mans Land app game for the mobile and I have to say it is the best mobile game I have ever played. It’s addictive and free and is a must have for any Walking Dead fan. Most of the characters from the shows latest season, season 7 are there and more are added as the season moves along. 

Rufus – Who I believe is the grandad of host of The Talking Dead.

Tara, Negan, Maggie and Rosita along with Jesus, Daryl, Abraham, Carol and Rick.

Michonne, Carl, Morgan, Sasha, King Ezekiel and Glenn. Now there are a few people missing e.g Eugene who I would like to see as a character on the game but can’t see him being a powerful player. Then there’s Aaron, Gabriel and Enid. Would be fun as well if they maybe added a few of the old favourites and not so favourite; Lori, Andrea, Dale, Shane, The Governor, T-Dog, Merle, Tyresse, Beth and Hershal plus a few more along the way 🙂

Now I love this game as you basically get to build yourself a camp from scratch with Daryl as your main man. As you compete missions and survival nessessities like building and getting supplies you win phone’s that call other survivors, which if your lucky will call a main character and you collect their tokens until you have enough to get them into your camp. You also get to upgrade them and other survivors you pick up along the way.

These are my survivors and my main characters that I have so far…

Now like all mobile games you can of course buy in app purchases if you wish to help boost up things you need quicker than just slowly growing and building it all up but I have found that it is quite easy to play without paying out, maybe slow at times when you want your team to level up and it takes hours at a time but it is still fun to play. They also do special in game events, just the other week the whole gaming world as a whole joined together to kill millions of walkers and as a reward everyone got things to boost and level up characters and equipment to, this week we as a whole need to get Rufus to kill more walkers than Daryl did last week for more rewards. The game is rewarding as a whole and I love playing it. Maybe because I do love The Walking Dead but I would definitely tell people to download and play. I usual play mine when I lay with my youngest to get her to sleep so I don’t doze off, I just turn the volume down and face it away from her, although she does say to me, ‘Mummy you play Walking game now’… lol bless 🙂

What games are you grateful for??


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