30 days of gratitude… day 6… Favourite colour…

30 days of gratitude day six… Today I am grateful for the colours of the world but I have to say that purple is my favourite. Purple can be so pretty and mysterious, to me it is the colour of the starry skies deep in space with purple hues along with blacks and blues that glitter amongst the planets. It can also be a great colour to brighten up a home, in one of the flats I lived in we were not allowed to decorate and everything was Magnolia and I wanted a splash of colour to make it home, so we purchased a purple sofa, a beautiful purple city scape picture and a huge black and purple rug to hide the boring beige carpet. In my home now the sofa is long gone, it got old and I now have a grey one but the picture is still around and the rug sits in my bedroom. I do miss that purple sofa but it just fell apart with kids jumping on it and spilling food and drink. R.I.P old purple sofa. 😥 

Then the other day I sent my hubby out to the shops for some milk and yogurt and he came back with flowers in my favourite colour and I was so happy 🙂 

What colour is your favourite??


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