30 days of gratitude… day 7… My blonde hair…

30 days of gratitude blog post 7. When I was younger I had a thing of always wanting to dye my hair, I always wanted to have dark hair, a chocolate brown or mahogany red like the pretty girls at school had but I was foolish because I was blessed with naturally blonde hair which people pay hundreds to get the same effect as mine. I guess the reason was my hair was always quite thin and fine, flyaway and frizzy and when I wore it up I used to think it looked like I didn’t have any and even today I still think that sometimes. But now that I am older and my children have so far inherited my hair colour although they may darken over time like their fathers hair, I am proud of it. It’s bright, its light and I don’t have to dye it this colour (yet) (maybe when I get older to hide any greys). I love it when my hair is long and down it makes me feel a little pretty and happy and now I look back I shouldn’t have tried to hide it because I thought another colour was better. Blonde is cool, it doesn’t make me stupid or an air head like the sayings go but it makes me who I am. #blondeandproud 

What are you grateful for today?


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