30 days of gratitude… day 8… Songs…

The eighth day of my 30 days of gratitude blogs and today I have chosen which songs I am most grateful for. There are a few all with their own reasons behind them but I guess I couldn’t choose just one. My sense of sound would definitely come second in my favourite senses, I love music, it helps me write, day dream, think and sing too (not very well but hey its normally in my car so no one gets to hear me lol) but here are the songs I am most grateful for.

The link below is to Ed Sheerans song ‘Thinking out loud’. I am grateful for this song as its mine and Jamie’s song that we had our first dance to at our wedding. Yes I know its extremely popular with loved up couples but it means a lot to us as Jamie also learnt to play it on his guitar for our first anniversary which most of you know he spent in hospital but he played it when he came home, just for me 🙂


The next song is ‘Chandelier’ by Sia. This song means a lot to me in a different way, because it helped me write my zombie novel ‘Alone’. I hadn’t really listened to Sia’s music before but as soon as I heard this one I knew I needed her album ‘1,000 forms of fear’ and although I brought it for just that one song I fell in love with the whole album. The song grasped me for the book because the lyrics ‘holding on for tonight’ made me think of my main character Stacie in a world full of creatures living for the day and just trying to hold onto one more day and night to find her sister. The link to the song is below.


My last song that I am grateful for is ‘Thinking about us’ by One Republic. This song means a lot to me because its the song that came on in the car on my cd when my husband Jamie was hit by a lorry on his way home from work. The lyrics choked me as it was about not hearing someone anymore and I really panicked thinking that I would never be able to talk to him again but lucky for me he survived and was ok. I couldn’t listen to this song for nearly a year but now I can I feel it is a beautiful song. The blokes voice is so strong I just love it. Link below.


What songs are you grateful for???


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