30 days of gratitude… day 9… my sister…

Today is my little sisters 21st birthday and how could I not mention how grateful I am to have her as my sister. Yes we might not see a lot of each other, she works hard full time and I am a full time mum and writer but when we do meet up and gossip its like we’ve never been apart. She is funny, a little mouthy, has a big heart and a big temper to match but she is my little sister and I couldn’t imagine her any other way 🙂

She is a brilliant book nerd like me and most of all the good books I get to find and read she has either given to me or told me about so I buy it. Her whole bedroom is basically a mini library along with other book cases our mum has had to spread around their flat. A gamer nut too who knows all the best ones soon to release and quite often has them pre-ordered and would even pay an extra pretty penny for the case with the rare artwork on. 

She is also an inspiration as she suffers with Crohns desease which has had a massive impact on her life but with a little persuasion from our mum she has learnt to deal with it and troops on and has even got herself a trip to Japan planned later this year.

So happy birthday lil sis, hope you have a great day and keep smiling 🙂 or sticking your tongue out lol.x.


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