30 days of gratitude… day 10… my phone…

Next up for day 10 of my 30 days of gratitude has to be my mobile phone. Funny thing I guess to be really grateful for, a piece of technology compared to other things I am grateful for but my phone is up there, it has to be, I use it everyday. 

I use my phone for communicating with the outside world, family and friends. It gives me access to the internet, Facebook and my blog and is basically a mini computer. The camera on it is great and I use it daily too, documenting the life of my family and kids but also pictures to be used for my blog but also for my book covers. All my books covers have been photos I have taken and edited on my phone with a great editing programme that came with it. The phone is a great bit of technology that has grown up with me, I remember the first proper mobiles from BT celnet (I think they were called that lol), to the Nokia 3310’s, then they went as small as you could get them and the companies could produce them, with flip screens and mp3 players to the large iPad size laptop phone’s you get now. So yes I am grateful for my phone, especially as most of my blogs are now written and published from it when I lay with my youngest trying to keep myself awake lol.

(Top banana picture edited on my phone, lower banana picture is the original).

What piece of technology are you grateful for???


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