30 days of gratitude… day 11… wine…

Now this is probably going to make me sound like an alcoholic, (I’m not I swear) but I am grateful for wine and who ever invented it. My favourite wine is red, I love the taste and the drunk feeling it gives you but I also like white wine but I don’t drink that very often because it gives me nightmares. Now yes nightmares are not a good thing a lot of the time and most of them I wish I’d never had but sometimes those nightmares come in useful. Take for example when I was writing my Alone novel, I had reached a part where I was stuck, I had writers block, then I had some white wine my grandad had gifted me and wow I had one of the worst nightmares ever…me and my family were on holiday, zombies came along (as they quite often do in my dreams…I’m not crazy… honest) and they bit me, I was turning but my head caved in. Ta-da that’s where the idea for the ‘crushers’ came from. There were more gory details but I won’t say anymore as the dream really was horrible and the flash backs kept me up for an hour or two and I didn’t want to go back to sleep for days lol. 

So yes I am grateful for wine for when it comes to writing, it spurs ideas along…
What drink are you grateful for and why??


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