30 days of gratitude… day 12… my husband…

For the 12th day of gratitude my life gave to me…a husband called Mr Prunty lol… So today I am truly grateful for my lovely husband who to me is perfect in every way…but things have never been easy for us as a couple. My husband is extremely accident prone the first month I got to know him he ended up in hospital after having a car crash, a couple of years later he sadly lost his dad to cancer as the hospital missed it for five years, then a few weeks later he ended up losing his job when the firm he worked for closed up shop and left him redundant. Then he found himself a carpentry course and a new job only to be run over by a lorry in a hit and run whilst walking home and then losing that job too, plus a few other things along the way that all normal couples deal with e.g. money problems and family problems. 

My husband might not think it or know it but he means the world to me and is an inspiration, a lot of people would have crumpled at all he has been through or just given up and although he feels like it sometimes he doesn’t, he just troops on. And although things have not worked out in his life he still finds it in his heart to love me and support me with my books, plus he helped me make two beautiful babies 🙂 so yes I am truly grateful for husband Prunty!!!


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