30 days of gratitude… day 14… my nan and grandad…

Now my nan and grandad mean the world to me just like the rest of my lovely family do but I’m am so grateful to them for all the love they have given me and my little family over the years. My nan is super and like my lovely mum when my hubby had his accident they were both round mine like a shot but my nan with her super legs was round here in minutes…(yes I’m also lucky she lives round the corner from me 🙂 ).

Even though my mum is my mum and she means the world to me to and no one can ever replace her, I will always see my nans house as home. As a kid my mum had to move around a lot due to work, being closer to schools, horrible neighbours that my mum didn’t want us kids to get tangled up in, money problems and more but places didn’t feel like home all the time other than a nice few… but my nan and grandad have lived at their home since day dot, so to me it is the one place us all as a family, me, my mum, my sister, husband, my kids, nan and grandad can all get together, congregate and be waited on hand and foot for cups of tea and coffee and celebrate each other. 

My nan is a gem, looking after my poorly grandad day in day out and making sure his diabetes is kept under check but she doesn’t just do this for him, oh no she worries about us all and likes to keep tabs and check up on us. She also taught me how to sew and knit which comes in handy with kids, especially when they need clothes repaired or taken in lol. My grandad is also a great listener and will try to advise the best he can, may repeat himself a few times now but his advise is sound and I’m thankful for it, he also helped teach me to drive a few times which really did help with my confidence as I could be very nervous but not with him in the car lol 🙂

So yes today I am grateful for my nan and grandad…What are you grateful for???

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