30 days of gratitude… day 15… Choc Lit…

Choc lit, now I do love chocolate yum yum but that’s not the type of Choc Lit I mean. I mean the short romance novels which make your day a happy one if your down, a quick burst of a delicious hero and a fair maiden đŸ™‚ those books I feel don’t get enough gratitude, they might be small but they are brilliant short stories that have still taken someone’s time to dream up and write.

The latest Choc Lit book I have purchased and read is ‘only true in fairy tales’ by Christine Stovell and it follows the life of Eloise, a tapestry designer, her pet rescue dog Gracie and their new neighbour Ross an author of crime and murders who has taken over a grand gothic house. At first when they meet at a house warming party Eloise thinks Ross is a show off and arrogant. Ross thinks Eloise is up tight and strange but they somehow grow closer together when one of the other neighbours calls the dog warden on Gracie who is a lovely dog and wouldn’t harm a fly. They end up together of course…don’t they always in these stories??? But I loved this one, the author grips your attention and makes you feel something for both of the main characters but I have to say Gracie the dog is my favourite one.

What book genres are you grateful for???


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