30 days of gratitude… day 16… my home…

The home is something everyone has whether it be small or large, rented or owned, colourful or magnolia but the home is somewhere everyone can go to be themselves and hopefully feel safe and happy.

I love my little home, it’s home to me because I share it with my husband and children, their presence in it makes it a home whether they are in bed asleep or running around like crazy people shouting and playing games. My home is almost rabbit hutch small figuratively speaking but it’s ours and that’s all that matters. To make it our home we have had to tweak it and move things around so they fit, for example we recently thought it was time our youngest had a big girl bed, no longer the small cramped toddler bed she had become accustomed to. But after measuring each and everyway possible there was just no chance that a small single bed was going to fit, so what to do?? Bunkbeds in the eldests room of course and turn the youngests room into a play room for all their toys, win win either way as it means they get more room to play and make mess and no more mess for mummy and daddy down stairs. 

(From this ^ …. To this v….)

I have had a lot of people comment on how we cope with our small house, which it is small but there is smaller out there I have seen some and for us three its not too bad but its all about the planning with the layout with furniture etc which helps you cope and with ours the open plan layout downstairs has actually made it smaller in a sense as the kitchen being in the front room means you can see all the kitchen clutter, then theres the dining table issue but we managed to squeeze a small one in behind the sofa but we cope, as do others with houses similar to ours. We cope by planning out where to put stuff and decluttering a lot, we don’t keep things that we no longer need, we could never horde, there just isnt the space other than for books of course haha. 

We love our little home and we are so grateful for it as we know some people have homes that landlords don’t look after or that have a thousand and one things wrong with them but I do hope one day everyone can call a place home and feel comfortable and loved in it.
What are you grateful for about your home??


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