30 days of gratitude… day 17… summer…

Spring, summer, autumn and winter…The four months of the year and I have to admit like most people summer has to be my favourite one. I love the warmth the sun brings to the world, the beauty of nature that thrives in the summer, that like us humans is happy and content. I love how we can have bbq’s with my favourite veggie sausages as I don’t like the meat ones. I love how every day can be a lovely warm trip out whether it be to the park, swimming, to the beach, feeding the ducks at the pond, a walk in the woods or even just playing out in the garden with me sitting on the sofa with the patio doors wide open watching the kids with my cuppa tea or better yet when daddies home a glass wine. The smell of freshly cut grass in the air, the sound of children playing and adults gossiping and laughing. Plus you can wear pretty clothes, not the old frumpy winter ones to keep you warm. I cannot wait for summer and fingers crossed this ones a good one.

What is your favourite season???

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