30 days of gratitude… day 19… my diary…

Over the past eight years I met my soulmate, had two wonderful babies with him and became an author but all that loveliness has come at a price…prolonged baby brain!!!! My memory is shot to pieces when it comes to events and important dates I need to remember. Funny thing is I can remember my books, my characters and the adventures they go on but that is different, with them its like a journey we have ventured on together as a team so they are embedded in my brain eternally.
So this year I decided to keep a diary to help my failing memory and I have to say it has helped. I have found that by writing things down in my diary has actually embedded most of it in my mind so I remember. It seems not only is writing books therapeutic for me but also a way to keep my memory going. The diary I found by chance in Tesco was the Sprinkle of Glitter diary by Louise Pentland, now when I first got it I had no idea who she was, I just liked the cool picture covered front cover and all the tips and motivation quotes inside. Now I read her blog and it inspired me to start mine again as it keeps me writing and has stopped writers block from occuring for a while. So today I am grateful for my diary and for Louise Pentland for making it so I started my blog again. šŸ™‚


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