30 days of gratitude… day 20… my car…

My hubby recently started a new job which meant for the first week I didn’t have my car 😥 yes it was terrible, I’m lazy and hated not having it. Worst bit was the first day we didn’t have it as me and kids had the dentist so we had to get a taxi (which I have nothing against but taxis are always late for me… always get stuck in traffic!!!) (But I know how hard a lot of taxi drivers work as my mum works at a taxi company so I’m not bashing) :-* but not having it made me realise how people who don’t own one or don’t drive have to plan everything in advance, even a trip to the dentist needs planning e.g. what time to pick kids up from school, whether to book taxi in advance, where shall we wait if we’re early so kids don’t get bored, how to get home? Taxi or bus? All these things I wouldn’t normally think about as I would just jump in the car and go. 

There was also the other month when someone accidentally hit my car and it had to go for repairs, annoying as we had hospital appointment for our eldest and had to book taxi again which was late (again I’m not bashing just my luck haha). But I am grateful for my lovely old lady car (she is getting on a bit now bless her) and I’m grateful that I learnt to drive and the freedom that comes with it…but also a shout out to those who don’t drive…I salute you all as its extra work and planning and also a shout out to the public transport services as without you non car days would be excruciating as I would never have made the dentist in time by walking the hour long walk to it!!!

What transport are you grateful for??

Also check out my blog tomorrow for my cover reveal for my new book!!!! Don’t miss it!!!!


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