30 days of gratitude… day 22… Make up and straighteners…

Heya…sorry to scare you all lol but that’s me with no make up (see pic below if you dare!!)…hidious isn’t it haha. So today is the 22nd day of my 30 days of gratitude blog and well how could I not mention the things I use everyday to make me look like a person of the living and not one of the extras for the walking dead… (a zombie not one of the pretty ones lol). 

So make up, I love it. Now to be honest I dont actually wear loads all the time, mostly, I wear the bare minimum (compared to some women who must spend hours on theirs, don’t know why when they could be reading books) but there is the odd occasion where I like a bit extra to make me feel good. With make up I don’t tend to stick to one brand for everything I like to dabble with many until I find something great. For example I love Boots no 7 moisturising creams as they are lush on my skin but I prefer Primark mascara. Yes it’s cheap as chips but its the only mascara that doesn’t flake on me or clump up, I’ve found the expensive ones do on me. I also think how amazing make up really is, I mean you can take a rather plain looking woman (cough cough) and turn her into a sexy bombshell (hmmm maybe). I absolutely love looking at the make up posts on Facebook on where the artist has turned themselves into a Disney Princess or Villain.

I’m also grateful for my straighteners, my hair is rather frizzy and needs taming as its fine and flyaway and they do the job. I love the feeling of my straightened hair but try not to do it too much that it gets fried, believe me I’ve done that before!!!

Are you grateful for make up???


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