30 days of gratitude… day 23… Random cheap movies that are better than BIG name ones… Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse…

Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse… 

A cheap film we found in Tesco, thought it would be a laugh to watch as we were on a tight budget and wanted a date night in (me and hubby of course) and as I love all things zombie we gave it a go and I’m so glad we did. This film has to be one of the funniest films I have seen for a long time (bare in mind we brought the sausage party film and this was way funnier than that). The film starts with a janitor cleaning a science facility, this dude is hilarious with his dance moves and lyrics but he accidentally awakens an experiment and gets eaten and comes back alive and eats the scientist who is fighting a vending machine that won’t give him his food. The scientist then escapes out into the woods. Two friends out in their car after just been to a scout meeting with the knowledge of having to go back later for a ceremony for their friend getting a BIG badge but they plan to leave to sneak to a cool party to get with some fit gals, they hit a deer which mysteriously vanishes after they had seen it dead. Skip forward and an outbreak of zombies has hit the town, their only place to hide?? A strip club where a cool ass stripper saves their lives with a shotgun. Soon the unlikely trio…soon to be quad when their other scout mate comes back go on a mission across town to save one of the friends sisters (who the best mate fancies the pants off) but to get to her isn’t easy, especially when they were told the wrong party address as they weren’t considered cool enough and have to go back home to find the sisters diary. At home is one of the best scenes ever where they all have to jump out of a window and into a trampoline, as the last scout jumps he grabs something of one of the zombies at a window to steady himself which turns out to be the zombies, zombified penis which stretches and snaps. (Another great scene is when a granny zombie tries to bite one of the guys bottoms only to have lost her teeth and ends up gumming and sucking his ass) omfg could not stop laughing. The film is brilliant and the ending is a happy one as guy gets girl, the friends all survive after the town is bombed by the army. It is a must watch for a cheap, funny night in…oh and watch out for the singing zombie going all Britney Spears on us 🙂

What cheap film are you grateful for??


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