30 days of gratitude… day 24… Animals

Day 24 of all the things I am grateful for…and today its animals. I love animals they make the world a happier place and also help to keep it going. For example the humble bumble Bee (yes maybe considered an insect but still an animal hehe)… They help pollinate plants so that more reproduce and grow, plants are essential to our life as we breathe the oxygen they create, without them in our world breathing would be impossible and we would perish. 

Other animals bring enjoyment by becoming one of the family as a pet. We currently have rabbits and they are super funny and chaotic when running around the garden. We used to have a dog, a boxer and she was the dopiest thing ever, so happy and hungry lol she was like another child to my husband and his family until sadly she passed away but she brought them so many years of happiness. 

I also love going to see animals at the zoo with my kids, now I don’t always agree about the captivity thing but a lot of zoos are trying to protect endangered animals that are being hunted and killed in the wild either by poachers or because their habitats are being destroyed. Our local zoo is amazing and also helps out if local people find a strange or endangered creature roaming around…although I do admit I don’t ever venture into the Tarantula pen lol…I’m not too keen on spiders although I know they are meant to be…erm…helpful with flies… (I shudder at the thought of one of the eight legged beasts). But I praise animals and all they do, keeping the world just that little less wholly human…

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