30 days of gratitude… day 25… Legoland…

Me and my kids love Lego, Lego is the ultimate toy that cannot be beaten, it is fun, imaginative and total pure bricks of gold. (Unless you step on them, then they blooming hurt). Last year instead of having a birthday party for our girls as their birthdays are so close together we thought a nice weekend to Legoland would be awesome, so we asked them whether they wanted a party or to go to Legoland and well you can guess what they chose đŸ™‚

The time we had there was amazing, the hotel room was decorated with fun lego detailing from the carpet to the wallpaper and small ornaments that were super stuck to the furniture and although you couldn’t take one of those with you (that would be stealing) they did supply a safe which the kids had to crack a code to unlock and find hidden toys for them to keep and take home.

The hotel was great with a pool for a splash, a large entrance hall with a pool of lego for the kids to play with when checking in and out. A swanky lift to access all areas that could only be reached with a key card. Two restaurants which catered to kids and adults needs, e.g. colouring activities for kids and wine for the parents. (Totally win, win). And each hotel floor had a different theme, we had the knights theme which looked brilliant with stylish wooden bunkbeds but there was also Legofriends for the really girly girls which we wanted but was a little pricier.

The amusement park was so exciting and lucky for us the weekend we went it wasn’t overly busy. They have smaller rides for the littlest in the family and bigger rides for those who enjoy them but I have to say my favourite part was the shop (isn’t it always) and the miniature world all made from lego, millions of it all built up…amazing!!! The kids also really enjoyed the cinema experience there too, as they spray water at you and have small bursts of heat when there was an explosion on the film.

So this year we have been told that they want to go again, so now we better get saving. And I am grateful for lego and Legoland because it is an experience for all the family and although expensive its not when compared to Disneyland which would be amazing but out of our price range. Legoland has made some great memories for us and we will always cherish them.

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