30 days of gratitude… day 26… Mother’s day…

Happy mother’s day to all the mummy’s, step-mummy’s, mummy’s to be, nanny’s and grannies too 🙂 Hope today you feel fully appreciated, if not I appreciate you and am sending hugs. 🙂 

I love my mum and my nan 🙂 To me they are both that loving motherly figure every girl needs in her life and as I don’t have anything to do with my real dad I think my nan has stepped up to fill that void. My mum is someone I can chat to about life, have a girly giggle about things and enjoy a great cup of coffee with. She is strong willed and minded and looks out for me and my lil sis and no one could replace her. My nan too is strong and that must be where our woman’s family strength has come from. I can also chat to her about things and I love our trips to the charity shop for nosey round. I love them both and wish them a very happy mother’s day 🙂

As I am also a mummy I do feel very loved today by my little monkeys and by Mr Prunty husband. I have been spoilt with the book I have been banging on about for ages, a McDonald’s breakfast (really this man knows the way to my heart), cards made by my princesses and pictures, flowers and a home cooked roast delish. I feel appreciated and that is all a mummy wants 🙂 

(My special gifts made by my babies, I love it when they make me things it shows how loved I am if they want to make things and not just buy things)

(The book I have been wanting to read for a long time…omg cannot wait to read this!!!!) (Flowers from hubby)

And I was even lucky enough that my mummy popped round and dropped me off some beautiful flowers…I did buy her some too. Love you mum!!!! (My home now full of beautiful flowers lol!!!)

Happy mother’s day xxxx

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