30 days of gratitude… day 27… Sleep overs with my babies :-)

A lot mums do it and a lot dads too, the sleep over to try and get your kids to go to sleep. Now I actually don’t mind doing it, its precious time with them that I know will go past so quickly as they grow up and pretty soon I know they will tell me not to do it, they won’t need me to.

I know a lot of parents begrudge bedtime and a sleep over routine, many parents have kids that will self sooth or just go to bed but mine aren’t like that and I love it. Yes it’s my fault they expect it from me but its special time together. We will read a few books together or watch a short DVD till their little eyes are sleepy and they soon drift off to the land of nod. Sometimes we might even be cheeky at a weekend and have a little ‘midnight’ (8pm) snack just to make it fun. I want my kids to grow up and remember all those special little things that mummy and daddy used to do for them… 

🙂 So today I’m grateful for my kids and the times we spend together and our DVD and read books sleep overs. 


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