30 days of gratitude… day 28… McDonald’s breakfast!!!

How could I not be grateful for this beauty of a fast food recipe. As you must know by now I love food and McDonald’s is no exception. As it is fast food and not healthy for you and because my eldest is lactose intolerant we don’t get it very often, just as a sneaky treat every now and then but when we do get it I am fully in food heaven. 

As a person I am very picky with meat, some days I will eat meat others I will not just depends on my mood and because I’m not keen on sausage meat when I have a breakfast from McDonald’s I will order a double egg mcmuffin. I love the egg mcmuffin, I don’t know how they do their eggs but I love them, not too eggy and the flavours with the bun is delish. So if you haven’t tried one I really think you should 🙂 and if you have…Then why aren’t you eating one right now??? Oh yeah its 8pm not 8am…Well there’s always the morning 🙂 


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