30 days of gratitude… day 29… The Writing community…

With any hobby its good to meet and interact with people that are into the same thing as you are. Your friends and family are always around and happy for you but not necessarily the greatest people to chat away to about the subject and hobby you enjoy the most. I found with writing that joining a writing group was a brilliant idea as I learnt many new things about self publishing, editing and promotion that I didn’t know before and I made new friends (sadly I no longer attend due to kids and childcare as hubby has a new job and can’t look after them on that night 😥 but I still keep in contact with and chat to them) also another great thing is online writing groups which has helped me a huge deal over my time learning to be a writer. In those groups you can ask questions that your friends wouldn’t necessarily know, you can chat about all the writing things that interest you like new books to read, blogs to follow, author interviews to take part in and author take overs with other authors to try and get your name out there and a bigger readership. All these things have happened by meeting new people. The whole process is a learning curve but its nice to chat to people that are going through the same thing as you, that have learnt things that they feel might be useful for you to know and vice versa you can give them tips about what you have learnt along the way too. So today I am grateful for the writing community and those who strive to help each other.


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