30 days of gratitude… day 30… For everything in life that makes my life how it is…

So that’s it, today marks the day that means my 30 days of being grateful for the things in life comes to a close and wow what a journey. Its so easy to become so negative in life when things go wrong, don’t go to plan or your way. It’s so easy to moan about all the things that annoy or upset you but even if life is throwing bad times your way there are always positives to be found, you just have to open your eyes to see them. By no means is my life perfect, in many ways far from it but I still look up to the things that I love about life, my family, kids, work (yes they do class writing as work and not just a hobby although it is a great one and also being a full time mum is work too just different to the normal 9-5 more like 9 till forever lol), friends whether they be close to me or new acquaintances, a roof over my head and my car…and everything else 🙂 But all these things make my life mine and I wouldn’t change it for anything…although I might add a few more pennies to the equation and make financial things better but with hubbys new job hopefully things will look up. And a few more sales of my book wouldn’t go amiss. Ok so there are things I would change slightly but I wouldn’t change the main ingredients that make my life mine and I look forward to see what the rest of it looks like and throws my way. (Prays for all good things!!!!) So thanks for being with me on my gratitude journey, I know a few things were great and some might seem weird or trivial to be grateful for but all small things add to the bigger picture. So again thank you and remember look out in life for all the good and positive things.


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