30 things I’m not grateful for …

So yesterday saw the end of my 30 days of gratitude blog, so what to do next??? Well list all the things I’m not grateful for 🙂 but I will squash it all into one blog as I don’t want to be too negative, not for a whole month, not after being so grateful and positive for the last four weeks. So here goes;

1) Spiders – They have to be a the top of my list, I don’t care how much people say we need them, believe me when I say we f-ing don’t. I can’t stand them, I’m petrified of them and I can happily say I’m not grateful for those eight legged freaks.

2) Mushroom soup – Now I like some mushrooms with a breakfast fry up, I like them with steak or even a healthy stir-fry but repeat after me, mushroom soup should be illegal. To me it tastes and smells like vomit, I can’t stand it when my hubby wants it for lunch as he likes it, yuck… So yeah mushroom soup, I’m not grateful for you.

3) Bills – This has got to be one of everyones pet peeves, bills!!! The dreaded time of the month when you money goes into your bank account and then straight back out again on bills. Water, gas, electric, rent, mortgage, cars, T.V license (I especially despise this one as I hardly watch bbc!!!) And all the rest. So bill I’m not grateful for you when you show up.

4) Did I mention Spiders??? Lol.

5) Aliens – The films with the freaky unknown alien sci fi stuff, the guys with the green or blue faces and the souless black eyes…yup…no thanks.

6) Time – I wish there was more of it, to spend with the people we love, to do the things we really want to do but before we know it time is running away from us and taking with it hopes and dreams. Time can be a healer but it can also be cruel.

7) Lorries – Yes I mean the vehicles that deliver goods to all around the world but for me and my family they cause too many accidents and ruin dreams and careers. One hit my hubby and drove off, damaging his leg and arm meaning he couldn’t finish his carpentry course to better our families lives as he wanted to be qualified in something but also making it hard for him to find another job as he needs something now to suit his leg not his personality or dreams. But also the way a lorry was parked along with a van causing my car and another to have a prang and need money to be repaired. So yes lorries, I don’t like you much.

8) Ocd – Ocd is a meanie, now I’m not overly ocd with the whole clean thing, I mean I like my house a certain way and if it isn’t I get depressed by it and I do like it clean not dirty but not compared to some people. But what I get is light and plug switches and locking doors. I cannot go to sleep without turning them all off and then checking them twice before going to bed and then locking the doors and double checking my locking too. I have also been known to leave my car and then walk all the way back to it just to check its locked and the handbrakes on. So ocd, yes your annoying and I’m not grateful for you.

9) Olives – yuck don’t like them much.

10) The mid season break for The Walking Dead – I mean come on, stop doing that to us, I hate waiting, I’m impatient.

11) Orange – Never really been a fan of this colour and no real idea why, I just don’t like it.

12) Washing machines – Me and washing machines have never got on, we just don’t gel or click and we always fall out. Especially when all they do is breakdown. But I do like the fact I don’t have to wash everything by hand but surely there is the right one out there for me, amongst all the washing machine frogs is my washing machine prince.

13) Luck – Luck is a lie and given to others not me…I would really appreciate some right about now please and for my family too.

14) My dad – Let’s just leave that one there shall we.

15) Cuddly toys – Let’s just be honest here, I don’t mind the odd few but my house is not big and people keep giving my kids cuddly toys and I have no where to put them. So I don’t hate the cuddly toys just how annoying they are to house in your home.

16) The school run – What I cannot stand about the school run is not actually the school itself but the journey to it. I live by a really busy train line which is pretty much closed 58 mins of every hour…or at least people think that so they drive like prats to get over it and disregard safety. They never give way to the roundabout which in the highway code mentions giving way to the right which they don’t so you have to push your way out which in itself is dangerous. The school run is not fun but has to be done.

17) Mariah Carey – I don’t even know why I don’t like her but I just feel annoyed when I see her or hear her screeching.

18) Spiders anyone???

19) Dog poo – I know its not entirely the dogs fault as like us they have to poop but what annoys me is how people don’t pick it up and it’s always me or my kids that tread in it. Disgusting and dangerous especially if kids get it near their eyes as they can go blind.

20) Seagulls – The parasite of the air and dustbins, they rip apart bags and make a mess to find scraps food, they are noisy and steal from people and other birds. They are not not nice birds.

21) Mickey mouses club house – I just don’t like the theme tune.

22) Liars and cheats – I cannot stand people who lie and cheat to get what they want. I hate how they manipulate innocent people into doing things so they can get money or other things that others work hard for.

23) Low phone battery – especially annoying when I want to update my blog, play the walking dead or check facebook lol.

24) Blue cheese – Don’t get how people can eat it but they do. The smell and the taste is rot and the cheese is basically mouldy, get me some chedder any day.

25) People not washing their hands – A big pet hate of mine is people going to the toilet and not washing their hands after so they spread poo and germs around. It only takes a minute!!! 

26) Coconut – I love the smell of coconut flavoured things but I don’t like the taste it just makes me cringe.

27) Winter – whilst I love my birthday and xmas which is of course in winter I don’t particularly like that season. It’s too cold, I have to pay more for gas and wear thick and frumpy clothes.

28) Sick bastards – The people who do things they shouldn’t to others, who are no use to anyone and just shouldn’t be alive. 

29) Rats – Spread germs and diseases…yucky… (other than the ones that are pets as I’ve heard they are actually really clean).

30) The new Twilight book – I love twilight, I have the books and the films but what I don’t like is the money making scam that is life and death. Where bella basically swaps places with edward. Its unoriginal, is just the names changed to female or male for the counterparts but they are the same characters pretty much…just a rip off to get people to still buy into the franchise…not a cool move Meyer, maybe a fresh new look, a whole new story like with Alice maybe???

Well that’s all that I’m ungrateful for, I could possibly think of more but why should I be so negative about life.

So what are you ungrateful for today???


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