Meat, milk, gluten and wheat free lasagne…I promise its so good :-)

So as you know my little household had some intolerances to certain food, mainly milk, lactose and gluten and finding foods to feed the whole family that are still tasty is a little trying but with trial and error we are getting to know the foods we enjoy and the once we don’t. So today I decided on lasagne, we hadn’t had it for ages and now hubby is back at work I feel it is my duty to get back in the kitchen. (He used to cook as mine was bad).

So the ingredients I used are: (yes I used shop brought things as I said before I’m not the best chef but I’m trying)

*1 whole red onion chopped.

*mushrooms chopped.

*Tesco free from Bolognese sauce.

*Tesco free from white sauce.

*Tesco free from lasagne sheets.

*Quorn mince which is gluten free!!!

*Lactose (free from) cheese…(dairy free).

*Vegetable oil.

Now first of all I chopped the onion and mushroom and fried them in a pan with a small amount of cooking vegetable oil. Then I added the free from Bolognese sauce and the Quorn mince and cooked it following the guidelines. E.g. eight mins. Meanwhile I had to blanch the free from lasagne sheets in boiled water for 2-3 mins. Don’t ask why it told me to lol. 

Then I grabbed my oven proof dish and put a small amount of oil at the bottom and then placed some of the drained and cooled lasagne sheets on top. 

Then I poured some of the Bolognese meat free sauce on top then added a small layer of the free from white sauce. Then I repeated the whole lasagne sheet step then poured more Bolognese meat free sauce and another layer of lasagne sheets which was my final layer. Then I poured the rest of the white sauce over and placed some free from cheese on to crisp it up a little in the oven. Then bam, in the oven at 200 degrees for 40-45 mins until cooked.

I added chips and garlic bread with mine, I love all the naughty comforting food. And ta-da there it is…my…huhmm home made free from lasagne.
If you make it hope you enjoy it too.


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