Microsoft Word…How to find a single word in your whole document. 

If your like me and you write a lot on Microsoft word it’s helpful to know little hints and tips that help your writing process along the way, so I have decided that if and when I find any I will share with all you lovely people.

So I was near the end of what I cobsidered the final edit for my new book when me and my husband had a conversation…It mentioned the words decade and century and for some reason I had got the two mixed up and the wrong way round thinking decade was a hundred years when in fact it’s century that means a hundred years, decade only means ten and the way I had placed it in the book would have made no sense and would have been picked up by critics everywhere and laughed at. (Yes I am blonde lol and yes I did mix them up. Silly I know). Once we had ‘said’ conversation I knew I needed to change those words around but didn’t want to read the whole 330 page document again!!! So I played around with the top tool bar, I had remembered from school about going through with spell check and I thought surely there must be a similar tool where you can locate one word throughout the whole document to be able to change it…and there was!!!

Now there are two ways for going about it, first one being checking the top tool bar and hitting the Find button which takes you to the Navigation panel with a search bar or by going through the other options and selecting the View tab and then selecting the  Navigation Pane which then takes you to another panel which just says Navigation with a search bar (Both ways end up at the same search bar) (Follow pictures below). You type in the word you wish to find and change and it will find them all in the whole document and highlight them in yellow. Then you can edit that one and move onto the next one…No need to read the whole document. 🙂 Yay!!!








Thank me later if it helps 🙂

Have any tips?? I’d love to hear them.


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