Meet my characters from Junia :-) part one…

I have so many people ask me how I come up with character’s for my books, so I’ve decided to share on my blog how. Over the next few days I will share a few of them from my new book ‘Junia’, so you can all see how I imagine them and whether it’s the same or different to how you’d imagine them. (If you have read it, if not why not lol?)

Personally I start off by creating an image in my mind of them and as I’m writing I create a character profile for them but sometimes I end up having to re-read my profile to remember certain details, so to help myself remember I do two things. I look through magazines and cut out people who I think look like and represent a character. Then I draw them. This gets their image and personality engrained in my mind so I can call upon them at any time. I’ll show you two of them now 🙂
Today’s special guests are Princess Mira of Cosima and the grand dark witch Andromeda.

Mira is the princess of Cosima and future Queen of Junia. She is fifteen years old. She is naive, scared and lonely but strives to learn new things and is excited and fearful of the chance to learn about what Junia her country is really truly all about. She has lived a sheltered life mostly in the palace but the thrill of adventure excites her, especially when she realises she will be escorted by an old friend. As the journey goes on Mira learns things about herself as well as the world around her. She finds she isn’t the wimpy and weak child she thought she was but instead she sees she is a strong young lady who is Junia’s shining light.

Andromeda…actually one of my favourite characters. She is evil, powerful but holds many secrets inside that she herself has long lost forgotten. She can call upon the power of the Crow, a bird that represents darkness and all things evil in Junia. She has an army of evil minions which are led by her right hand gal Lumi. (More on Lumi later). Andromeda wants all the element souls so she will be unbeatable and be able to take the throne although there is a dark secret etched around her past and the throne but as she nears the ultimate takeover those secrets are soon revealed. Andromeda is powered from an ancient evil and she is herself around 100 years old, born in the time of the great war. Her ultimate goal is the punish the royal family for reasons due to the war. But why? What did they do that was so bad?

If you wish to find out more about my characters and Junia then please download my book and have a read. Any reviews would also be much appreciated. The link is below!!!

Hope you enjoyed meeting Mira and Andromeda??? Tomorrows blog will be introducing Lumi and Nuelle. Hope to see you there 🙂


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