Meet the characters of Junia… part 2…

So yesterday you met Mira and Andromeda two of the main characters from Junia but in my book there are quite a few main characters all of which I want you all to meet. Some of the main characters you see more than others but they all essentially play a big part in the bigger picture of the world of Junia.

So todays special guests are, Nuelle and Lumi…

Nuelle, another one of my favourites…ok so they are pretty much all my favourite lol. Nuelle is the converter for the country of Spirit, (if you wish to know what a converter is in Junia then you’d best read the book). She is strange, mysterious and knowledgeable and helps Mira out by explaining a few things that she doesn’t understand. She also has a very old mind for someone who looks so young but there is also a secret to her that everyone eventually finds out. I love Nuelle’s look, her long silver grey hair, the lilac coloured crushed velvet robes she wears and her no nonsense personality which makes a few of the characters fear her due to her reputation but she is also kind, caring and thoughtful. 

Lumi – Now I know my drawing of Lumi isn’t the best to portray her ultimate cheeky, daring, playful but also evil side but it does show off how much Lumi loves pink. Throughout the book you hear about how Lumi has pink hair, pink clothes, pink orbs to summon her minions to fight Mira and her friends and also a pink sword that she fights Mira with later on. Lumi is Andromedas right hand woman and has a gift of summoning bad souls to fight the good people she wants out the way, she is easily miffed or upset by things not going her way which causes her to get angry and clumsy about things. She has known and worshipped Andromeda for a long, long time and would never intentionally go against her but do things go Lumi’s way when she comes head to head against herself and Mira and Mira’s self? (Don’t understand this bit??? Then you need to read the book) lol. 

Hope you enjoyed meeting Nuelle and Lumi 🙂


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