Meet the characters from Junia…part 3…

Hope your enjoying getting to know the characters from Junia as much as I enjoyed getting to know them. The book is not an all female cast there are a couple of male characters that play a huge part…One of them being Thane who I am going to introduce to you all today. Along with another converter who helps Mira on her journey.

So here they are 🙂 

Thane is Mira’s soul guardian, (wondering what that is?? Read the book…pretty please 🙂 ). He has known Mira for a long time but Mira wasn’t allowed to see him for many years due to the royal family not being allowed to know about the religion of Junia and also the element magic it thrives on. Thane is the one who must guide and teach Mira all about the world she must one day rule over. Thane is a good looking guy and Mira instantly when reunited with him wishes she could be with him but there is something that holds them back from falling in love properly with one another but there might be a way to fix it if all goes to plan!!! Before Thane became a soul guardian he was a palace guard hence the uniform he is wearing. He is strong physically, strong minded and strong willed and wishes to guide Mira the best he can but things don’t always work out the way he plans.

Next up to meet you all is Isaura. She is the converter for the country of Skye but due to the lack of oxygen in the mountains she can only visit her temple once a week. To kill time in between visits she looks after her village and home. She is a strong huntress who uses blades to hunt down meat from nearby enemy fiends that sometimes escape through the shield. She looks after the mountain horses with her mother Stormra who is also highly regarded in their village, people respect them both. Isaura is blunt and to the point when she first meets Mira but its not completely personal as even Stormra mentions how her daughter has a chip on her young shoulders. Isaura is not easily scared and takes looking after her home with pride but secretly inside she wishes for something different in her life. Maybe meeting Mira is the change she needs to see what life outside Skye is like but also to see how much her home means to her.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Thane and Isaura. Want to find out more? Download Junia now from the kindle store or purchase the paperback from Amazon!!!

Junia link to Amazon 🙂 click here 🙂
Thanks for reading and more characters to come tomorrow.


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