Meet the characters of Junia… part 4…

Only two days until my release party for Junia…And I hope my lovely characters are reeling you in. And don’t forget if you attend there is a chance to win a signed copy of Junia!!!! 

Wanna meet the next three characters??? You do??? Well great…drum roll please…

Here is Brooklyn. Brooklyn is the converter for water and lives in the country of Beach Haven. She is hot headed and doesn’t like Mira when they first meet and refuses to help her. Their relationship gets even more strained after Andromeda makes an appearance but her little brother Kenton tries to help smooth things over. Although she is hot headed, thinks she is always right and extremely stubborn, she is also very family orientated and stands to live to look after her family and watch over her temple.

Here is Fira pronounced Fear-Ra. Fira aka the Fire Queen resides at the temple of fire in her home country of Lavara. She is friendly, knowledgeable, happy go lucky and becomes a dear friend to Mira along their journey. She likes to know things and isn’t afraid to ask questions to find out more about their world. She is used to the heat of her home country and finds it hard travelling especially in the cooler climates and often summons her fire magic to keep her warm.

Willow is the earth converter and lives with her boyfriend at Emerald Valley. She is of (Asian) appearance although the world of Junia doesn’t have Asian or other countries but I have taken appearances from the human features of our world and placed them into Junia. Willow is strong but wears her heart on her sleeve, she accepts what she and the other converters must do and welcomes Mira and the others with open arms. The only thing that ever makes her doubt things is whether her boyfriend will still be alive after the impending battle that is before them all but as her heart steers her to do things for the greater good she continues on. 

Here is the link to my release party if you wish to attend on Sunday, would be great to see you there. 🙂

link to release party for Junia.

Come back tomorrow to meet the final characters!!! 


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