Meet the characters of Junia… part 5…

So tomorrow is my release party yay (sorry I keep going on about it but it is just so exciting…for me anyway). So today I need to let you meet the last of my characters. There are a few more from the book that play parts that I haven’t decided to draw but if you read the book then you can meet them there and decide on how you think they look. 🙂 

So today you will be meeting Nate, Luciferia and Kenton…

Nate is the general of the Emerald Valley army, he is commanding and tactical but also caring and thoughtful for the ones he loves and his beloved home. He lives in the Emerald Valley castle where the army is based, the earth element converter also lives there with them and together they protect the whole of Emerald Valley. Nate’s troops respect and look up to him and know that his word is set in stone. He is not afraid to pass on duties to those below him if he believes they are strong enough to handle the responsibility. He is a bit anxious at first at the thought of journey the element converters must take but as he wishes to protect Willow at all costs and Emerald Valley he knows he must let her go to save their home.

Luciferia – Not a lot can be said about her without ruining the plotline of the story but she plays a big but also subtle part. I chose the name Luciferia based on the name Lucifer but made it more feminine sounding to suit her. But is she evil or just named after someone who is?? You will have to read Junia to find out 🙂 

Kenton is a young boy that Mira and the others befriend on their journey, he helps them when no one else will. They soon find out that he is Brooklyn’s younger brother. He is sweet but stubborn and will always do what he believe is the right thing to do, even if it means going against Brooklyn’s wishes. Although that being said he also wants to please Brooklyn and this doesn’t always pan out how Brooklyn would want or expect. 

Thanks for coming along and getting to know my characters of Junia. And I hope very much to see you all at the release party on Facebook tomorrow evening…8pm till 9pm all on the comfort of your own sofa 🙂

 Junia release party link, just click, follow and say you’ll attend 🙂


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