Old glass jars, into pretty pen holders :-)

As like many households we do a lot of cooking in our house and end up with many empty glass jars that just end up in the recycling bin. I mean its good they get recycled and not just thrown in the tip with all the other household items that either can’t be recycled or that people just forget and don’t recycle but wouldn’t it be nice to give them a new lease of life before that… My daughters school recently had a mufti day and asked for decorated glass jars with sweets inside that they can sell at their summer fair this year. I loved doing them, my daughter did the first one then got bored..She gets bored easily…but I thought what a great idea!!! Now I also love Louise Pentland and her blog and books and in the one I got for Mother’s day (life with a sprinkle of glitter) there was also a page which mentioned recycling old glass jars and I have to admit I took a bit of inspiration from her book 🙂 (its easy to purchase her book on Amazon if you wanted to check her book out). So I decided to give it a try, not necessarily for make up brushes like Louise did as although I love make-up I’m not a make up blogger, I’m a mummy, author and crazy lady blogger mine was for my beloved sharpie pens. 

First up I grabbed some empty jars, I took to Louise’s idea of painting the inside of them to give them a splash of colour. I poured in the paint and twirled the jar round slowly until the paint covered all empty patches of glass, then I poured out all the remaining paint that I didn’t need. Then I left them over night to dry. 

After they were fully dry it was time for me to get out my crafting box and set upon them with the black sticky ribbon and sparkly gems. Then Ta-da…I have new pen holders for my desk. After making them it actually made me sort out my desk area as I wanted it all clean and calm for my new additions. And by sort out I mean full on spring clean of my room. 🙂

Now after doing this I have to say I have never sat at my desk so much, its like my small study area has had a new lease of life itself and is calling to me to write more and when I can’t write I draw… as you may already know I love drawing my characters so keeping my sharpie pens handy and nearby in easy reach is such a blessing now…especially since when they lived in the craft box I had to fight with the glitter and stickers to get to them. Why not give it a try?? Its super fun and pretty.


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