Film review… The girl with all the gifts…

So me being the zombie queen amongst my friends and family its strange that I have only just got round to watching this… The girl with all the gifts based on the book by M.R. Carey. Now I read the book and those of you who have been with my blog for a while might remember my review of it. I thought it was good but held a few ideas from my favourite game The last of us. But considering ideas have been recycled so many times by authors and film makers there are always going to be things you have seen or heard or imagined from something or someone else. Now back to the film…well…Wow!!! I actually really enjoyed it and so did my hubby who is not as mad on the whole zombie craze as me. It starts off with some bizarre music introducing the film and Melanie the main character, a girl in a weird looking institution which you soon find out to be a somewhat army base come science branch, she is being held there with other children. Melanie is being treated poorly and unless you read the book you won’t know why but basically she is a zombie (Hungry) child born to the infection. The soldiers are scared of them so talk to them and treat them like rubbish. They are being schooled by a teacher miss Justineau who Melanie takes a liking to, who makes the mistake of touching Melanies hair when she does something sweet, she writes a story about the teacher and her. The soldiers see and come in causing a scene making one of the zombie kids go funny. Melanie realises something is amiss and gives her self up to the strange doctor Caldwell who takes Melanie away from the school area and is preparing to kill her to study her brain and why the virus doesn’t affect the children the same way. Miss Justineau appears and a fight breaks out just as the zombies breach the fence, causing chaos and they have to flee. Melanie, miss Justineau, doctor Caldwell, a soldier and the sergeant all set off for another base but after a fight with some zombies their transport is broke and the only way through without a vehicle is through the city of London. There they come across almost statue like zombies and others that have growths on them, that grow into seed pods. One place is so full of seed pods the doctor comments how a flood or extreme heat could cause them to burst open causing the end of the world for humans as it would be another wave of infection but airborn and no escape from it. Things move on and the group are attacked by some feral zombie kids, here Melanie sees the world different and things in her mind start to change. Doctor Caldwell hatches a plan to get Melanie so she can experiment on her by knocking out the others but Melanie figures it out and flees the small science centre they find, the doctor goes after her but is eaten by the feral kids. Meanwhile Melanie sets fire to the seed pods and let’s out the infection into the air, knowing now the world belongs to her and the other children. Miss Justineau is the only human adult now alive and because Melanie didn’t want her to die because she almost sees her as a motherly figure she keeps her locked in the air tight science centre to teach all the new feral kids and the ones from the army base. And that’s how it ends.

The film was better than I expected and I enjoyed it a lot. And although from the book I noticed a slight change to the ending it pretty much followed the books story.  I also thought how the zombies seemed so realistic, like that’s what zombies could really be like if the apocalypse ever happend. What made me like it more was when my hubby mentioned how it reminded him of my book ‘Alone’, all the scenery and the loneliness. Which made my day!! He paid attention while reading it and to have my work compared to a book that made it…well I was happy. So all in all a good film from a good book 🙂


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