50 Blog ideas for your blog…

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with blog ideas to publish on your blog to keep people interested. Sometimes the mind just goes blank, if that’s happened to you here are 50 blog post ideas to help πŸ™‚ 

1) About you, your reason for blogging  – People always like to know who they are talking to or reading about. What makes you who you are and your reasons for blogging. My reason is because I write books and would love for people to buy them but I want them to buy into me and like me first πŸ™‚

2) Review a book you have read – Obvious one for me and other aspiring authors to do, read, read and read again, then review. Obviously reading helps the mind I think and reviewing helps people see what you are interested in and learn to trust you. If they buy a book because of a review you posted and they loved it then great, you have built up trust.

3) 30 by 30 – I loved doing this on mine, you think of all the things you would like to do with your life before you hit a certain age. Doesn’t have to be 30 that was just my next big milestone πŸ™‚

4) A love / hate relationship with a company you have used. Don’t be too harsh if you actually like using them a lot but show people pros and cons of using them. E.g. pro – Amazon is good for self publishing books. Con – But with getting reviews a customer must have spent Β£50 or more on Amazon products.

5) What three famous people would you like to have dinner with and why? – This shows your readers who you idolise and why. Tell them why they inspire you and if they have influenced anything in your life, even if it was doing your hair and makeup the same as them πŸ™‚

6) Favourite or special recipes – My eldest is lactose intolerant so posting the recipes I use might help other people with the same intolerance. Could work for you if you have a special family recipe that others would find great to use.

7) Talk about something your interested in – I love zombies and video games so quite often I will talk about the walking dead or the last of us PlayStation game. They helped me for inspiration for book ideas so I like to tell people that. What are you interested in?

8) New Year’s resolutions – Obviously people blog this at the beginning of the year when people make them but you can blog about them later on too, have you stuck to them, yes or no and why?

9) Review a product – Won anything on a competition? Brought some new makeup, clothes or aftershave? Review them, tell people what you think of them.

10) Tell people your top 10 Favourite businesses e.g. Facebook pages. – Not only does it show people what your interested in and they might find some new products to buy but also those pages might find out and return the favor. (Not always mind you but still something to blog about).

11) Blog about your favourite bloggers or v-loggers – I love Louise Pentlands blog and have mentioned it a few times and have even linked back to her blog on occasions. All bloggers can inspire you and give you ideas on what to blog about, just don’t copy and paste due to copyright and other legalities!!!

12) Going out for someone’s birthday? Then blog about it – People want to know that the person they read about is not a machine just spewing out words but an actual living person who goes out and enjoys life and does things normal people do. Go on, give it a go, take a selfie or two πŸ™‚

13) Email response – Someone emailed you a question about you or your blog? Show people your reply, just don’t give out names or email addresses if the person doesn’t want to be known.

14) Family life or job – Tell people what your life is like. You can be as discrete or as detailed as you like. Have kids? Mention them but you don’t have to name them or show pictures if you don’t want to, just tell them how family life is. Do the kids drive you crazy but you love them to the moon and back.

15) Lunch date – Met a friend or family member for lunch? Blog it. How was the food, the atmosphere, the service and chatter between you and company.

16) Write your own books? Run your own business and sell products?  – Don’t be shy to tell the world about them but don’t blow your own trumpet too often as people will get bored.

17) Any works in progress? – Show the world sneak peaks, a paragraph, a chapter, some drawings or some new products soon to be in stock. Make the photo’s look good and catch their eye.

18) Pancake day – Maybe wrong time of year at the moment but always good to plan ahead to certain events or celebrations. Do you make your own? Do you know why we have it? Do some research and tell the world πŸ™‚

19) World Book Day – Mostly a kids event at school but still fun to write abut, any past pictures of you dressed up for world book day? Your favourite book and why? 

20) Rant – Life isn’t always perfect as we know and its silly to lie and make out to readers yours always is, they like to know they aren’t the only one’s having troubles or doubts. So have a quick rant about something that hasn’t gone well for you…

21) Valentine’s day – Celebrate those who you love whether that be a spouse, partner, family member or friend or even yourself as we all need a little love. Post something you have made or received πŸ™‚ and try to brighten someone’s day.

22) Good friends – Celebrate those around you that care for you. How long have you been friends? Where did you meet? 

23) 30 days of gratitude – Do a month of blogs all about things you are grateful for. One each day with reasons why and a good picture, interact with your readers and ask them what they too are grateful for. Could be anything you can think of.

24) Craft ideas – Made anything useful you use around the home, something arty with the kids? Then share it, you never know your idea might help someone else.

25) Competitions – As a writer I would love to get notice and one of the ways to do so is to enter competitions on writers sites or Amazon and hope for the best. If you don’t win at least it gets your minds juices flowing. Then once you have entered share the competitions on your blog so more poeple can find them, you can link back to the original sites too. You could always share your work on your blog if you don’t win as it might be something people want to read.

26) Interview someone – Friends with any other authors why not interview them for your blog, friends with someone with a business who would like some extra exposure then interview them. Know anyone famous or interesting then interview them. You never know if they have a blog they might do one back for you.

27) Poems – Written any poems in your spare time? Then add them to your blog, people might like your writing style and want to read more.

28) Research – Writing a new book, school or college project? Then show people how you done your research for them. Could be with step by step guide on something you have researched or picture’s of your notes. Any sites you find good? Then link back to them.

29) Competitions phase 2 – Written and published your own books, make craft items you sell, make beautiful pieces of art? Then why not hold a competition on your blog so someone could win something

30) Review a film – Been to the cinema lately, brought a new dvd? Review it, people will want to know if films are worth their time viewing and would thank you for an honest opinion if it was any good or not.

31) Before and after – Recently changed something in your home, maybe do a before and after shoot to show people what the change is and how it has improved your home or your way of living.

32) Favourite Holiday experience – Where you went and why you loved it. Some cool snaps of your holiday will help show it to your readers too.

33) Worst Holiday experience – What made this one your worst holiday ever?? Story behind it, pics or reviews.

34) Use 5 words to describe yourself. Why did you choose those words? What do they mean to you??

35) Any blogging mistakes or fails you made? What happened? How did they impact you and your blog?

36) Your day in photos – wake up take a photo of the first thing you see, then every hour after take a photo and see how they all make up your day. Could be fun to do πŸ™‚

37) Host a blog hop – get other blogs to join in, it can help boost traffic to your blog and you might also find some great new blogs to read from and follow.

38) Easter blog – Doing anything fun for Easter with the kids, post it? Don’t have kids but going away for an Easter break or doing something for it at work, post it.

39) Writing tips – Any writing or blog tips you have that you think fellow bloggers or writers could use? Then share them…might help someone else and also help you in return with new followers.

40) Childhood memories – what’s your first memory? What makes it stick in your mind? 

41) People you follow on Twitter. What makes them worth following??

42) List 100 activities to do when your bored – This one will get your brain thinking as you will have to make things up that would work for you and others. Be creative and research it, you never know you might find a new hobby from it.

43) What’s your job? Career? What is the best and worst part about it? What made you choose that as your job?

44) What would be your dream job? If you could be anything in the world what would it be and why? 

45) Reading list for the week, month or year. Why do you plan on reading those, where they recommended to you or did you just stumble across them?

46) What are the seven sins of your career? The seven no no’s you shouldn’t do.

47) blog birthday – is your blog celebrating its birthday? Then tell the world, how will you be celebrating it? In style, with friends, Alone??

48) What is the best gift you ever recieved? Why do you love it so much?

49) What is the worst gift you ever received and why do you dislike it?

50) Current play list – list all your favourite musical artists and their songs. What makes you like their music so much? 

Hope these 50 blog ideas will help anyone hoping to start their own blog or even if you have one already. Give them a go. Have any other ideas then let me know too πŸ™‚


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