Five words to describe myself :-)

Five words to describe myself…well this is a hard one, how do you describe yourself truthfully and would others feel the same way? Should you really care whether other people would see you the same way you see yourself? I think not, I think people are always going to see you differently, they will either like or dislike you and either think of good words to describe you or bad words but all that matters is how you see yourself and whether you think you would like someone like you. 

So here goes, here are the five words that I feel describe me…

1) Family Orientated – Sounds like a trait you select on the Sims game doesn’t it? Haha. But I would do anything for my little family and my immediate family too. I love my children and I will always try to do the best for them whether that be giving them cuddles when they are sad or encouraging them when they are happy. They mean everything to me and one day I hope all my writings will achieve something so they can live comfortably or at least remember me for something good and that I tried.

2) Fluffy – A trait me and my sister often give to our mum. She is the queen of fluffiness. And if your wondering what it is, another phrase might be called baby / child brain. Since having my kids my mind is caput, ditzy and fluffy. I have to write everything down so I don’t forget but I still forget things and sometimes my common sense isn’t at it’s peak. (I think blonde is also another way to put it).

3) Socially Awkward – I think I am very much socially awkward, when it comes to meeting people whether I know them or not. I can be shy, spew verbal vomit out of nerves and just act odd. I don’t mean to its just me, I’m an introvert who tries to be extrovert but it doesn’t always work the way I want or plan but at least I try.

4) Pessimistic-Optimist – I’m both, some days I’m more positive than others, others days I’m more negative. A lot of times I’m super happy but if something bad happens it knocks me for six. I almost always try to see the good in everyone and everything but when someone hurts me or upsets me then I become less likely to see or feel that way and find it very hard to trust that person or thing again.

5) Imaginative – I’ve always had an over active imagination and have always thought up stories in my mind that I’ve written down. I even have a folder of old ideas and poems from when I was a teenager. I also love to draw and enjoy looking at artwork others have made.

So these are the five words I would use to describe me. What five would you use to describe yourself??? And why???


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