Yummy turkey and butternut squash risotto…

Lately I actually love being in the kitchen, some of my creations I haven’t shared with you on my blog because of how disastrous they truly were but the good ones that make it into our tummies I will share. As a mummy I always strive to give my kids the best food possible but its so easy to fall into the trap of grabbing food from the freezer every night and shoving the oven on, especially if I’ve been writing and am on a roll and my mind is not in the kitchen but in another world.

(Ironically my oven is actually broken and due to the Easter bank holiday my landlords office is not open till Tuesday, so I’m forced into using the hob only, hence the risotto creation). (And I’m not bashing those of you who do use easy freezer food because until lately that was me, unless mr husband cooked of course). šŸ™‚

So to make my risotto you will need…
*1 butternut squash

*1 whole onion (I chose red)

*some garlic (depends on whether your fending off a vampire or not to how much you want)

*1 large turkey breast fillet

*1 pepper (my elsest chose yellow)

*Arborio rice 

*some Vegetable oil

*Stock cubes (I use vegetable)

*Crusty bread

First step is to chop up all the ingredients, the butternut squash cooks quicker when diced into small cubes. Make up the stock following your stock instructions but I make enough for around 900mls of water. Then I placed the butternut squash into one pan with some oil and the chopped turkey into another pan with some oil. (My reasoning for this is they both takes different times to cook evenly). Once the butternut squash is easy enough to stab with a fork and is soft ish, then add all the onion, pepper and garlic and cook for a few minutes. 

Then its time to add the rice, I use about half the 500g bag and is enough to feed us four. I pour the rice in and cook it for a minute before adding half the stock, stirring a lot so the rice doesn’t all stick to the bottom of the pan. When the stock is nearly all but gone I add some more and keep repeating this until the rice is soft enough to eat. By this time the turkey should be cooked and I just add it in to the risotto and stir in so it gets all the flavours. Then serve up with some crusty bread, yum yum!!!

Hope you enjoy as much as we did!!!


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