Happy Easter…

Happy Easter everyone ūüôā hope your easter half term or just those few days off you get when working with Good Friday and bank holiday Monday or even if you are one of the many that have to work those days no matter what I hope Easter has been good for you. This year Easter Sunday falls on the anniversary of my father in law passing away from cancer which is why I am posting this a little early because we will be celebrating him and his life on that day. But even though it is a sad time of year for my hubby and my little family we have still managed to fit in a lot of fun for the Easter break.

First of all we started off on the first day of half term by making an Easter tree. I spotted one in my local ‘The Range‘ and loved it so I decided we would make our own one. I didn’t buy there expensive pretty white plastic tree even though it looked beaut but I made my own. Husband Prunty was trimming the hedges in the front and back garden so I pinched some of the good looking branches, filled a vase with a small amount of water to keep the branches healthy for a while and then let the girls decorate them with hanging Easter foam eggs that I had brought from ‘The Range‘ as they were so pretty ūüôā Here is our finished tree ūüôā

We also went for days out to keep our little army entertained, some with friends, some with just family and all were new adventures ūüôā The one’s I particularly enjoyed myself was going out for a bike ride with the kids and seeing some horses being taken along the tracks and grazing in the fields. And also our day out with friends at the zoo ūüôā

You can’t have Easter without a bit of chocolate fun…easter eggs (dairy free ones yes they are real!!) Cake making, brownies…yum yum yum.

 Me enjoying the sun… for Britain there was actually quite a bit of sunshine for Easter which made getting the kids out the house a lot easier. No lugging rain coats, umbrellas or all that malarkey around. We also had a great easter treaure hunt in the garden thanks to nanny Sharonge :-) The girls loved it and made a change from finding melting chocolate eggs which obviously isn’t a good thing for my eldest to have with her intolerances. We also met friends for a picnic at a miniature steam railway which was loads of fun :-)

I also held my release party where one lucky person won my new book and a few extras ūüôā Easter for us was fun filled and packed, which means now we’re winding down and getting the kids ready for the whole back to school drama that is next week but I’m all play dated and fun dayed out and tired and with the normality of school days means I can get back to writing again.:-)

Hope your Easter was fun too.:-)


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